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Director of Mengjin County Taxation Bureau visited Luoyang H

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Director of Mengjin County Taxation Bureau visited Luoyang H

On the morning of December 25th, Mengjin County Taxation Bureau visitedLuoyang Hongyuan Bearing, which was warmly received by Hongyuan Bearing president Zhou Shuzhou.

Zhou Shuzhou, the president of Hongyuan Bearing, gave a detailed report on the production and operation of Hongyuan Bearing in 2020 and the development of the precision bearing industry to Director Chen and other leaders.

Director Chen asked about Hongyuan's economic benefits, export situation and the industry trend of the company's products this year. After listening to the report of Hongyuan Bearing president Zhou Shuzhou, he fully affirmed Hongyuan's development! Director Chen pointed out: “Technology is priceless, and innovation is the soul of enterprise development. If an enterprise wants to do well and go far, it must keep pace with the times, increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and strengthen innovation. Three-pronged approach."
At the same time, Director Chen conveyed the spirit of the higher-level documents to Hongyuan. Director Chen pointed out: "Affected by the Sino-US trade war and the epidemic, the current economic situation is unstable this year. The state has issued a series of tax reduction policies to support enterprise development. Their visit is to ensure that a series of preferential policies are indeed implemented, and at the same time to have an understanding of the needs of enterprises.” Finally, Director Chen gave an introduction to the reform of the work method of the tax bureau next year: he said that future taxation services will adopt contactless services. At the same time, the Taxation Bureau will make tax payment guidance more practical and routinized, to better serve enterprises.

Finally, Zhou Shuzhou, the president of Hongyuan Bearing, gave a speech on his taxation experience in recent years, saying: Compared with the previous years, the handling of business in recent years has been more convenient and fast, and the services of the tax bureau have been more timely. The good development of the enterprise benefits from a series of preferential policies of the country. In the future development, Hongyuan will closely follow the pace of the country, assist the tax bureau in its work, actively pay taxes, and contribute its modest contribution to China's development!

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