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Wang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Luoyang City, investigates Luoyang

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Wang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Luoyang City, investigates Luoyang

On the afternoon of December 28, Wang Jun, the deputy mayor of Luoyang City, accompanied by Zhao Li, the mayor of Mengjin County, Lu Junsheng, the deputy mayor, and leaders of Matun Town visited Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing for investigation; Mr.Wang gave full praise and affirmation for HONB Intelligent and informatized transformation. On this cold Monday, the enthusiasm and confidence of Hongyuan people increased a lot.

Besides the product showcase, Zhou Shuzhou, the leader of Hongyuan Bearing Company, introduced the company's products in detail. Mayor Wang Jun asked carefully to understand the market application of the products: "What is the market situation of our products? What are the domestic and foreign customers?" Zhou Shuzhou said: " Our turntable bearings, crossed roller bearings, and harmonic reducer bearings are used in the spindles of high-end precision machine tools and the joints of robots. Ten major domestic machine tool factories such as Shenji, and the top three European machine tool factories have cooperated with us for many years."
Mayor Wang asked again: "Where are the competitive advantages of our products and other bearing factories?"
"Our products are high-end precision bearings in market segments. Compared with other bearing factories, both the market share and the technological advancement of the HONB products are among the best in China."
"How are the benefits and market conditions this year?"
"This year's revenue has increased slightly, benefits have increased, and net profit and taxation have increased significantly. This year's epidemic has indeed affected the revenue of enterprises, but our intelligent factory construction and information transformation in recent years have continued to This year it has highlighted its role, and we have been rated as a smart factory in Henan Province this year.
"What are the specific effects of intelligent construction on the development of enterprises?"
"First: the personnel structure is optimized, and the efficiency per capita is greatly improved; second: the product quality continues to be stable, improving quality and efficiency."
In one question and one answer, Mayor Wang Jun listened carefully to Hongyuan Bearing Zhou Shuzhou’s report on the company’s benefits and market conditions this year, carefully reviewed the company’s business data for the past three years, and gave a thumbs up: "Xiang Hongyuan High-tech enterprise, high-efficiency enterprise learning per mu!"
Mayor Wang said: "I have inspected many similar companies in Japan. The area is not large, the equipment is compact and tidy, and the management level is very high. I think our company is a bit like a Japanese company." Mr. Zhou continued: "We are close I have continued to learn Japanese lean production for several years.” Mayor Wang once again cast his praise and affirmation.
Deputy Mayor Wang Jun and leaders of Mengjin County are very concerned about the market situation, supporting conditions and difficulties faced by enterprises under the influence of the epidemic. Land use and other issues will be actively resolved and strong support will be given!

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