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You have to run, and you have to run! ! !

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A 42.195 kilometers marathon, a few hours of mechanical exercise, the whole process is boring and monotonous, and the body is very tired, do they really feel pain?
Unexpectedly, they answered very positively: "Pain!". Halfway through the run, my body was extremely tired and my legs were as heavy as lead-filled. It was difficult for each step to be taken, so I wanted to give up and even began to doubt the meaning of participating in long-distance running. This was the most painful time.

So the question is: "Since it is so painful, why are so many people insisting?"
"For happiness!"
When exercise consumes the sugar in the muscles, only oxygen is left, which is the cause of the body's pain. But as long as you clenched your teeth and persisted for a while, when the body's tolerance limit is reached, the pituitary gland will secrete endorphins. The release of endorphins can relieve physical stress and increase pleasure. People will feel happy from the inside out, and even ecstasy. At this time, not only did I not feel that running was hard, but the more I ran, the more vigorous I was, and finally reached the finish line smoothly.

There is a prerequisite for the secretion of endorphins, that is, exercise must maintain a certain intensity and continue.
In other words, only if you persist for a long time and persist to a certain time, endorphins will appear and happiness will appear. This is the meaning of persistence.

Will lies in tempering, success lies in perseverance; the last is the best; perseverance, gold and stone can be pierced; the rope saw the wood break, the water dripped through the stone; success is not in the size of the pace, but in the continuous pace; persistence, until success...
Maybe something you encounter in a company has a relatively high degree of difficulty. Whether you choose to rise to the challenge and ultimately gain honor and ability value, or choose to avoid and shirk, you can imagine the fate of the latter. A person is not planning to succeed, but executing mediocrity, and when you do not make progress, you are retreating.
Hongyuan is in a period of rapid development, and every employee is required to work hard to keep up with the pace, with the spirit of concentration, focus, and professionalism, face difficulties, and complete various projects with high standards, high levels and high quality. . When you struggle with the company, what you gain is growth, praise and rewards. On the contrary, you only receive criticism and elimination. The fierce lion disdains to be with the sheep, does not listen to the crying of the frustrated, and ignores the complaints of the complainers. When others give up, compromise, and stagnate, it is the perfect time for those "Hongyuan people" who choose to continue to persevere and strengthen their progress to open the gap with them.

The sky is healthy, and the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement. The charm of running is that he knows he is tired, but he still insists on running. Life is the same. It is hard and difficult to go through the road. After the storm, there will be a rainbow. Let's cheer together "Hongyuan People"! Picture picture picture

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