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Assembly method of rolling bearings

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1. The bearing must be clean before assembly.
2. For grease-lubricated bearings, approximately half of the cavity should generally be filled with grease that meets the requirements after assembly.
3. When assembling by press-in method, use special tools or padded rods or sleeves on the interference fit ring, and do not transmit pressure or striking force through the rolling elements and the cage.
4. The end face of the inner ring of the bearing should generally be close to the shaft shoulder. For tapered roller bearings and radial thrust bearings, it should not be greater than 0.05mm, and for other bearings, it should not be greater than 0.1mm.
5. After the outer ring of the bearing is assembled, the contact between the bearing cap of the locating end and the gasket or outer ring should be even.
6. When assembling a detachable bearing, it must be installed according to the inner and outer rings and the alignment marks, and must not be installed reversely or mixed with the inner and outer rings of other bearings.
7. For bearings with adjustable head assembly, the numbered end should be outwards for identification during assembly.
8. For bearings with eccentric sleeves, the tightening direction of the eccentric sleeves should be consistent with the rotation direction of the shaft during assembly.
9. After the rolling bearing is installed, the rotation of the relative moving parts should be flexible and light, and there should be no jamming. .
10. The axial clearance of single-row tapered roller bearings, angular contact thrust bearings, and double-direction thrust ball bearings should meet the requirements of drawings and processes during assembly.
11. The outer ring of the bearing should be in good contact with the semi-circular holes of the open bearing seat and the bearing cover. When inspected by the coloring method, the bearing should be in uniform contact with the bearing seat within 120° of the center line of symmetry; and the bearing cover should be in symmetrical contact with the bearing cover. The contact is uniform within 90° of the centerline. Within the above range, when inspecting with a 0.03mm feeler gauge, one-third of the width of the outer ring shall not be inserted.
12. Assemble radial clearance adjustable radial bearings on both sides of the shaft, and when the axial displacement is limited by the end covers at both ends, only one end bearing can be close to the end cover, and the other end must have an axial clearance C =α△tl+0.15(L: the center distance between the two shafts (mm) α: the linear expansion coefficient of the shaft material △t: the difference between the maximum working temperature of the shaft and the ambient temperature (℃) 0.15: the remaining gap after the shaft is thermally expanded ( mm)).

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