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Analysis of common failures of bearing

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In the development of modern society, many jobs are highly dependent on machinery and equipment, and many machinery and equipment are in a state of overload operation, which requires us to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

This article analyzes the common failures of bearings.HONBbearing07

1.The color of the bearing changes
    Under high-load labor conditions, the bearing will be in a high-temperature operation state, and its own color may change from black to blue.
    The reason for this situation is that the lubrication in the bearing is not satisfied. When the bearing is installed, the inner or outer ring of the bearing has sliding friction. The bearing seat hole and the journal are not concentric, which will cause the bearing to be worn during operation. 

2.Cracks in the inner and outer rings of the bearing
    If the bearing quality is poor or the steel selected for the bearing has a big problem, the bearing may crack during high-strength operation.
    In addition, if you suffer a huge impact from the outside world, or are hit by a hard object in the process of installing and removing the bearing, it will cause the bearing to crack.
3.Bearing corrosion
    If the sealing device fails during operation, the protection of the bearing is lost, causing some external liquid to enter the bearing, which will cause the bearing to rust.

4.The ball is broken and the raceway produces potholes
    Since the intermediate distance reserved during the installation of the bearing balls does not meet the requirements, it is easy to receive huge impacts during operation. If some hard objects such as iron filings are mixed in the lubricant, the balls in the bearing will be broken. In addition, if the lubrication treatment of the bearing is not in place, the friction force of the raceway is relatively large, and the raceway potholes will also appear.

5.Reduced bearing efficiency
    The flexibility of the bearing operation is reduced, and the bearing cannot be easily rotated by hand. Most of the reasons are that the cleaning of the bearing is not done well, resulting in insufficient matching holes between the journal and the inner and outer rings, resulting in deformation of the bearing and reduced operating efficiency.

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