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The importance of rolling bearings in mechanical operation

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The characteristics and advantages of rolling bearings. Rolling bearings are a kind of bearing product that is widely used in industry. It is composed of outer ring, inner ring, rolling elements and cage. It has good starting performance and load capacity. It can be used in machine tools, automobiles, Railways and other industrial machinery and civil appliances are important supporting basic parts of modern machinery and equipment. HONBbearing07

How important are bearings? Speaking of rolling bearings alone, you can look at the failure data of these machines:
    1. 30% of the failures of rotating machinery are caused by rolling bearings;
    2. 40% of induction motor failures are caused by rolling bearings;
    3. 20% of gearbox failures are caused by rolling bearings;
    4. In my country, 40% of rolling bearings for locomotives in China need to be inspected every year, and 33% of them need to be replaced;
    5. After the bearing condition monitoring and diagnosis, the accident rate is reduced by 75%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 25%-50%!
Advantages of rolling bearings:
    1. The structure and working principle of the rolling bearing ensure that it has a low coefficient of motion friction, small friction force, good mechanical efficiency, low power consumption during the operation of mechanical equipment, and good starting performance .
    2. Rolling bearings have good accuracy and speed, which can meet the operation requirements of a variety of mechanical equipment. Rolling bearings receive low friction and low wear during equipment operation, so they have a long service life. There are some products in the rolling bearing, which can realize the function of self-aligning, which is more widely adapted to the needs of industrial production.
    3. The rolling bearing has compact structure, small size, light weight, and easy installation and disassembly. Each component of the rolling bearing has achieved size standardization, which not only facilitates the production of rolling bearings, but also facilitates the interchange of rolling bearing components, making it easier to repair and maintain.
    4. Most rolling bearings use bearing steel as the main material, plus standardized and serialized component design, which is more conducive to large-scale industrial manufacturing, and the quality is stable.

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