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Companies that are "tolerant" to employees are dead

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Those employees who came to Huawei from large foreign companies have laughed at Huawei for being "old-fashioned", not only requiring clocking in and out of get off work, but also implementing a low-standard consumption system on business trips. But Ren Zhengfei has always adhered to these strict systems.
I recently recruited a new person. I asked him about his previous company's situation. They were very large customers and valuable. He also said that their company benefits are very good and they are tolerant to employees.
But I finally asked him why such a good company chose to leave? His answer was confusing, "The company has collapsed."
Why would a company that looks good suddenly announce its bankruptcy?

Easy and tolerance
Is the biggest irresponsibility to employees
I have experienced this problem. In 2012, I invested in a company with several other partners. This company is where employees set their own commuting hours. They come and go as they please. There is only one principle, full freedom and completion of tasks. It's silly to think about it now. People are inert, and there is no achievement without strict discipline. Why is the People's Liberation Army fighting fiercely? It's because of strict discipline.
Some of my former colleagues hated me very much when they were in the company, saying that I was too harsh, but as soon as they left our team, they immediately became the backbone of another team, and most of them became with me. Very good friends.
Stop being tolerant to the system, and stop being tolerant to employees. This is the greatest irresponsibility for the future of employees. As a business owner, as a manager, you have to help employees grow, help them get a better income, and have a decent life. This is responsible for his future.
People who need to work hard
Not the most expensive person
Some business owners, who don't know the theory they heard from that big boss, want to hire the best talents with the highest salary. This principle sounds good, but can it be implemented?
I very much agree with high salaries, but I don’t agree that companies have high salaries at the beginning. If you have not made any money, you have high salaries. You know that making money requires a process. When the results of the process have not yet come, you will died. What's the point of this? In this matter, I am more in favor of dividing the money earned back in a reasonable manner, and I also think that most business owners will not struggle with this issue.
Looking back, is it right to recruit the most suitable people, the people who work hard and are willing to develop together to grow together, and cultivate their own talent team than to dig a few people who seem to have a lot of brilliance.

A company that pretends to be high
All dead
I have met a lot of entrepreneurial companies. They rented the best office from the beginning. They must be large enough to be stylish. Please use the best decoration, use the best office furniture, have an Apple computer in their hands, and have morning tea every day. , Afternoon tea time, work 8 hours a day, of which 3 hours is a rest time.
Students look at this kind of company that has been established less than two years ago, so don't go. If you want to play, then you have to worry about it, because there is not much time left.
What is the most important thing for an enterprise? To survive, how long can I live by burning investors' money? Not everyone has the kind of Google capital to play with? The most important thing for a start-up is to do things low-key. If you look at a simple company but everyone is working hard and earnestly, then go. Can't be wrong, they are much better than you think.
Because the companies that pretended to be high-spirited were all dead.

Work together for high salaries
Don't complain about your low salary. Everyone actually has their own choices. Your income is not high enough because you haven't worked hard enough.
The vast majority of business owners are actually very willing to give some high salaries to grow together with their employees. But classmates, have you made the effort yourself? When you truly recognize your work and work hard to complete it all the time, you must be the next high-paying person in your business. If your boss still doesn't give you a high salary, then you come to our company.

Form today's things to be completed today
company culture
I surveyed more than 20 startups that failed, and later I found that they all have one characteristic in common. Except for the boss, almost no one worked overtime.
In starting a business, what we need most is to run fast. The company's resources are very limited, and the manpower is the same. How many things can you do in a day from 9 to 5? How do you win in the cruel market competition? Why is Huawei's market value more than the sum of BAT? I had a business intersection with them for several months. For Huawei employees, there is no day or night, only when to complete the task.
Don't envy others anymore, you can do it too.

Tolerance is a gentle knife
Cut off the high salary
Among the four students in my original university dormitory, the two with the biggest salary difference are M and L. M is now working in a foreign company with a salary of nearly 20,000, while L works as a translator in a private company with a salary of more than 6,000.
Back 3 years ago, shortly after graduation, L was the object of our envy. When she started working, her salary was more than 5,000, which is high among the few of us. The point is that she has no pressure at work.
Listening to her, she met a "very good" boss who was very tolerant of her. For example, if she made any mistakes in her business, her boss would never criticize her, but just clarify with her in a gentle manner. It's over. I talked a little bit more during the internship period. After I became a regular student, I basically didn't care much about her affairs.
L said that I feel very free to go to work, there is no pressure, my own translation manuscripts can have their own style, and the atmosphere is relaxed when I go to get off work, and the salary is good.
In contrast, M is more hard pressed. She bluntly confessed that she met a perverted boss. When she first entered the job, she did an assistant job. His boss always criticized her for having no special features, no focus, and language. It is straightforward and fierce. Although she spent three whole days to make it, she was completely rejected by her boss.
Once, because the PPT she made was about to be used in the next day's meeting, it was temporarily rejected by her boss. L had to endure all night and revised it again. It was very hard work. We all sympathized.
Three years have passed, and L is still working in that company and is at ease. However, her salary has risen slowly and has not changed much.
And M, who has been "abused" by her boss, grew rapidly and jumped to the middle of the company. Her salary has doubled. Now, she is very grateful to the boss who was not tolerant of her.
Everyone wants to enter a workplace comfort zone: a tolerant boss and a comfortable atmosphere. The problem is that in such an environment, it is difficult to stimulate human potential, boil frogs in warm water, it is difficult to advance the business level, the growth rate becomes very slow, the salary is low, and it is difficult to grow.
When you repeat non-challenging tasks every day, don't worry about the leadership's "finding fault" and live your life safely, then your position may be replaced at any time.
Therefore, unless you are an excellent to impeccable person, your boss's consistent tolerance towards you is like a gentle knife, which will cut off your path to high salaries invisibly.
Not tolerant boss
I just hate iron but not steel
The meaning of advocating corporate ‘family culture’ lies in humanized management methods and mutual respect between superiors and subordinates. Everyone can express themselves in a friendly and warm environment without pressure.
Of course, a friendly and warm workplace environment is indeed conducive to employees’ self-expression. However, blind ease can easily breed slack, and blind relaxation can easily breed arrogance. The real workplace is not so "home", it lacks temperature and is full of pressure. arena.
The boss is harsh and seems to make things difficult for you, but from another perspective, he is also a booster for your growth.
Elon Musk, the CEO of PayPal, is known as the "tyrant from hell". His mood is volatile, and the company's employees think that he is too harsh on his subordinates and has no tolerance at all.
For employees who do not meet his standards, he showed a gesture that he could let him go at any time. He often said: "If you want to fire someone, you should fire it immediately, otherwise you will only waste each other's time."
Therefore, employees who understand his style know that to do things under Musk, you must complete it with the spirit of twelve points, and you must complete it beautifully, otherwise you will face the risk of being fired.
The more picky your boss is, the more diligent you are in your work, and the higher your demands on yourself, instead of just dealing with things casually. Over time, professional competence will remain at a high level, and salary increases will be just around the corner.
An intolerant boss will allow you to break through the inherent thinking framework, allow you to continue to challenge yourself in the pain of growth, and achieve rapid progress in the constant transformation.

According to statistics, in 2016, Huawei paid 94.179 billion yuan in wages to employees. Divided by 180,000 employees, the average annual salary per person was 523,216 yuan; plus 37.9 billion in net profit dividends, each person would receive approximately 210,555 yuan in dividends. . It is calculated that the average annual total income of Huawei's 180,000 employees in 2016 was 733,771 million yuan!
Equivalent to the monthly salary, the monthly salary of Huawei employees is about 60,000, which is amazing enough!
However, Ren Zhengfei, the immediate boss of Huawei employees, has never been a tolerant leader. He has set 16 high standards for employees. Otherwise, a team with a "wolf culture" will not be cultivated.
Ren Zhengfei can be regarded as an entrepreneur in the industry with a strong temper and harsh treatment of his subordinates. Even if he is dealing with high-level cadres, his attitude is never tolerant.
Once, a cadre prepared an outline for the next day's report. Ren Zhengfei picked up some manuscripts prepared by the vice president, and after reading no two lines, he threw it on the ground with a "pop": "What did you guys write about!" So he scolded for half an hour. Yan Huimin, the director of the President's Office, cried at that time.
The boss is not tolerant, and it is somewhat of a "very hard to make steel" taste. If you understand and grasp every opportunity for diligence, it is the first step to the ranks of high salaries.
  So, thank those bosses who are not tolerant enough to you. They let you not be afraid of the age crisis and the unknown of the career path. After all, the workplace is cold and it follows the survival of the fittest.
And those bosses who are very tolerant of you, you should also thank you, the number in the salary card, every time you get stuck, you should know that it’s time to wake up

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