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  • Performance and characteristics of angul···

    Single row angular contact ball bearingsare non-separable bearings, including inner ring, outer ring, steel ball and cage assembly. Cages can be made of nylon, ···


    Performance selection of lubricating oil:①. Viscosity - represents the internal frictional resistance in a flowing liquid. It is the most important performance···

  • Bearing knowledge

    The cylindrical rollers and raceways are line contact bearings. Load capacity, mainly bear radial load. The friction between the rolling element and the ring ri···

  • Basic knowledge of precision slewing bea···

    Slewing bearings are a type of extra-large rolling bearings with a special structure that can simultaneously withstand combined loads such as axial load, radial···

  • Current status and development trends of···

    Bearings are core basic components. The bearing industry is a basic national strategic industry, which plays an important supporting role in the development of ···

  • Luoyang City’s 2023 Advanced Enterprise···

    On February 20, 2024, Luoyang City’s 2023 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was held to summarize and commend the advanced units and individuals ···

  • Application of direct drive motors in th···

    Objective trend: With the continuous development of semiconductor process and packaging technology, the core components of semiconductor manufacturing and packa···

  • Harmonic Reducer

    The reducer is similar to the "tendon" of industrial machinery, connecting the servo motor and the actuator. The reducer, motor and sensor constitute ···

  • Robot harmonic reducer flexible bearing

    Flexible bearings are different from ordinary bearings in that their outer ring is very thin and prone to radial deformation. The ring is circular before the ca···

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