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  • Precautions for installing precision bea···

    The service life of high-speed precision bearings has a great relationship with installation. The following matters should be paid attention to:The bearing inst···

  • How to choose rolling bearings

    According to the load acting on the bearing relative to the rotation of the ring, there are three types of loads borne by the rolling bearing ring: local load, ···

  • Bearing knowledge

    Thrust bearingsIt is mainly used for rolling bearings that bear axial load, and its nominal contact angle is greater than 45° to 90. The basic parts are shaft ···

  • Bearing knowledge

    Rolling bearingA bearing that performs rolling motion between parts that support loads and move relative to each other. It includes parts with raceways and roll···

  • Effect of surface roughness on precision···

    Surface roughness is generally caused by the machining method used and other factors, such as the friction between the tool and the part surface during the mach···

  • Precision bearing requirements for acces···

    According to the ISO classification standard, it is divided into: P0, P6, P5, P4, P2, among which P0 is ordinary precision, and other grades are precision grade···

  • Tips for selecting ultra-precision beari···

    Bearings are one of the widely used accessories in machine tools. The performance and accuracy of bearings directly affect the quality of use of machine tools. ···

  • Bearing knowledge

    Lubricating oil is an indispensable lubricating material for bearings. It can protect the bearings and reduce the harm caused by the bearings during operation.B···

  • Typical cases of bearing damage

    CreepThe inner diameter surface or outer diameter surface slips, causing the mirror surface or discoloration, and sometimes gets stuck.Reasons: Insufficient int···

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