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In the face of wind and rain, everyone walks together

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In the past two days, heavy rains in Henan have swept the screen, multiple stations broke the single-day precipitation record in July, and Zhengzhou dropped more than normal rainfall in one hour in one hour. Affected by heavy rains, waterlogging and flooding occurred in many parts of Henan, and street vehicles were swept away. The disaster situation affected the sight of people across the country.
At present, Zhengzhou has evacuated about 100,000 people in emergency. 1,800 officers and soldiers from seven provinces including Hebei and Shanxi rushed to Henan. Armed police officers and soldiers, official and private rescue teams have been fighting for rescue without interruption.

Over the years, our country and people have been tested by various disasters. What was impressed was that after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, every volunteer supporting him printed this sentence on his t-shirt, "Coming together, one mind" is the strength of every ordinary person. Faith and strength support us to tide over difficulties time and time again.
Including the new crown epidemic, I believe everyone feels deeply. The moon in foreign countries does not seem to be so round. No country or nation like China can concentrate all the people in such a short period of time to fight the epidemic together and let the world see: China power!
It has been circulating on the Internet that this generation of young people is a "lying flat" generation, but every time we encounter difficulties, we show that this generation of Chinese has never "lying flat"!
I believe that this time, Henan will also be able to tide over the difficulties quickly, and all China is watching Henan! Come on Henan!

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