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Fire emergency drills to strengthen the red line awareness

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As the saying goes, fire and water are merciless. Fire not only causes immeasurable losses to people, property, and material, but it can also cause great harm to the spirit of people. Our company explicitly prohibits anyone from smoking in the factory and within 100 meters of the factory area, and throwing a small cigarette butt at will, causing endless troubles. As a member of the Hongyuan family, we must consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations to prevent fires!
The importance of fire safety training
 In order to improve the safety and fire protection awareness of Hongyuan employees, further understand and master the fire treatment process, and enhance the coordination and cooperation ability in the process of handling emergencies. On September 10, Hongyuan Bearing organized fire emergency knowledge training and fire drills to consolidate employees' fire knowledge and handling capabilities.

Practice "true knowledge". After the training, personnel from various departments collectively went to the gate of the company for actual combat exercises. Only through personal practice can we master the use of emergency tools and equipment, which will essentially improve the ability of self-rescue and mutual rescue, and reduce the hidden danger of employees being trapped in an emergency.

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