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The impact of policy adjustment on my country's steel foreig

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What impact does the adjustment of import and export policies and the game between domestic and foreign price differences have on my country's steel foreign trade? (HONBbearing07)

    On April 28, the two adjustment measures for the import and export of steel products issued by the Ministry of Finance attracted much attention. One is to adjust tariffs on some steel products starting May 1, 2021. Among them, the zero import tariff rate for pig iron, crude steel, recycled steel raw materials, ferrochrome and other products is implemented; the export tariffs for ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, high-purity pig iron and other products are appropriately increased, and the export tax rate of 25% and 20 % Temporary export tax rate, 15% temporary export tax rate. The second is to cancel the export tax rebate for 146 types of steel products from May 1, 2021. The specific execution time shall be defined by the export date indicated on the export goods declaration form.

1.Reduce domestic crude steel production and reduce total energy consumption
2.Encourage the export of high-end products and promote the import of primary products
3.The spread of domestic and international steel prices widens, weakening the policy effect

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