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Luoyang will become a leading bearing R&D and production

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According to the plan, Luoyang City will take the construction and upgrading of the Provincial Bearing Innovation Center as the starting point, cultivate high-end, large-scale, and serialized bearing industry clusters, create a group of industry-leading enterprises with international competitiveness, and drive the city's bearing and basic parts industries The production technology level, intelligence level and core competitiveness have been comprehensively improved.

Around precision bearings
    Luoyang City will rely on the shaft research institute, Hongyuan Bearings and other enterprises to develop and produce precision bearings as the development direction, focus on the development of high-end products such as aerospace bearings, and deploy the high-end equipment industry and industrial automation industry application market areas.

The combination of production, education and research is an important force for Luoyang to promote the bearing industry
    As an important R&D and production base for bearing products in the country, Luoyang City currently has the only domestic institution of higher learning for bearing majors, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luozhou, one of the three major domestic bearing factories, and the only national professional technical institute shaft in the domestic bearing industry. The research institute has established a unique innovation system of production, education and research. In the next step, Luoyang City will speed up the training of talents. Relying on Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Luoyang Vocational and Technical College and other key enterprises such as Luozhou, Shaft Research Institute, Hongyuan Bearing, etc., explore the school-enterprise joint talent training model. The high-quality development of the city's bearing and basic parts industry provides talent support.

    After Hongyuan Bearing invested more than 50 million in the construction of intelligent, informatized, and green workshops in 2019, the net profit will increase by 37% in 2020. In 2021, Hongyuan Bearing will invest nearly 50 million again for expansion and construction.

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