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Bearing hot pack heating method

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 Bearing hot mounting generally refers to a heating process after the inner ring of the bearing is set on the bearing stop of the rotating shaft, which is divided into two processes: hot mounting (or hot sleeve) and cold mounting. Generally speaking, the former effect is better than the latter.
There are four common methods for bearing hot charging and heating:

1. Oil cooking method
    Place the bearing on the grid in the transformer oil. Heat the transformer oil, remove it after a predetermined time, wipe off the oil stains and attachments with a clean, lint-free cloth, and put it on the shaft as soon as possible.

2. Power frequency eddy current heating method
    After putting the bearing on the moving iron core of the power frequency heater, turn on the power frequency AC power supply of the heater. Bearings will generate eddy currents (currents) in the inner and outer rings due to electromagnetic induction, thereby generating heat and causing them to expand.

3. Oven heating method
    Put the bearing in a special oven, the temperature of the oven should be constant and uniform. After the set time is reached, take it out and put it on the shaft as soon as possible.

4.Induction cooker heating method
    Putting the bearing on an induction cooker is more suitable for smaller bearings, especially in the absence of the above equipment, for example, when replacing the bearings on the user site, it is a good way. The induction cooker used is produced by a professional factory, and ordinary induction cookers used for home cooking can also be used. During operation, attention should be paid to adjusting the temperature switch to measure and control the temperature.

    Warm reminder: The so-called hot-fitting process is to heat the bearing to expand the inner diameter of the inner ring and then cover it to the bearing stop of the rotating shaft. After cooling, the inner ring shrinks to form a tight fit with the shaft. The heating temperature of the bearing should be controlled within 80-100℃, and the heating time depends on the size of the bearing, generally between 5-10min.

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