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Bearing regreasing cycle

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During the operation of the bearing, once the grease is lost, the rolling elements, raceways and cage will have direct metal-to-metal contact, and the bearing will soon be damaged due to heat due to dry grinding. Therefore, how to do a good job of regular and quantitative lubrication of bearings is of great significance to the normal operation of the entire machine.
    Rolling bearings need to add grease at any time to replace the grease that has deteriorated, oozes, and is contaminated. Due to the ever-changing operating conditions of rolling bearings, on-site proprietary technology is required to determine the appropriate interval of grease addition.
    If you have any questions about the lubrication cycle of the bearing, please consult  with HONB .

 Luoyang Hongyuan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (HONB) was established in December 2005, located in the Luoyang ,China. HONB with more than 300 employees which specializes in manufacture of YRT,YRTS,YRTM,ZKLDF Series rotary table bearings, RA,RB,RE,RU,CRBH,SX Series crossed roller bearings and CSG,SHG,HYR series robot reducer bearings. The precision grades are P2, P4 and P5, and the size range is 20mm ~2000mm.

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