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Bearing maintenance steps

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  In order for the bearing to give full play to and maintain its due performance for a long time, it is necessary to do a good job of regular maintenance (regular inspection). For bearing maintenance, refer to the following steps.HONBbearing07

1. The bearings are strictly replaced regularly, and the replacement period should be set reasonably according to the operating conditions of the bearing;
2. New bearings must be inspected before they are used. The inspection content is whether the packaging (preferably with the instruction manual and the certificate of conformity) is intact; whether the identification (factory name, model) is clear; whether the appearance (corrosion, damage) is good;
3. New bearings that have passed inspection can not be cleaned under normal operating conditions (motors with more than 2 poles); new sealed bearings cannot be cleaned.
4. The bearing cap and bearing must be cleaned before oil change. The cleaning is divided into rough washing and fine washing. The oil used for rough washing is clean diesel or kerosene, and the oil used for fine washing is clean gasoline.
6. After the bearing has been cleaned, turn it by hand and shake it radially and axially by hand to determine whether it is loose or the clearance is too large. Check the gap if necessary. If the ball or roller frame is found to be severely worn, rusted, and metal peeling, it should be replaced.
7. After cleaning and checking the bearing, wipe the cleaning agent with a white cloth (or dry it), and add qualified grease. It is not allowed to add different types of grease in the same bearing.
8. When refueling, it is forbidden to have dust in the surrounding environment; refuel with clean hands, slowly rotate the entire bearing with one hand, and press the oil into the bearing gap with the middle finger and index finger of the other hand. After adding one side, proceed to the other side to remove excess grease.
9. Lubrication amount of bearing and bearing cap: The oil amount of the bearing cap is 1/2-2/3 of the capacity of the bearing cap (the highest number of poles of the motor is the upper limit); the oil amount of the bearing is 1/2-2/3 of the cavity of the inner and outer rings of the bearing (motor The highest number of poles takes the upper limit).
10. The end cover of the motor with oil replenishment hole and oil drain hole must also be cleaned when changing the oil to keep the passage unobstructed. The oil filling hole must be filled with oil when refueling.
11. When the bearing is disassembled and assembled, it must be ensured that the stress point is correct (the inner ring on the shaft is stressed, and the inner and outer rings of the end cover are stressed), and the force is even. It is best to use the press-in method (small motor) and the hot-sleeve method (large interference and large motor).
12. When the bearing is installed, apply a little grease evenly on the contact surface. After the bearing is installed, the clearance between the inner ring of the bearing and the shoulder must be checked (it is better to have no clearance).
13. The heating temperature of the bearing hot jacket method is controlled at 80 to 100°C, and the time from 80 to 100°C is controlled within 10 minutes. The oil heating ensures that the non-corrosive, thermally stable mineral oil is used, and the oil and the container should be clean. A metal mesh is set at a distance of 50 to 70 mm from the bottom of the oil groove, and the bearing is placed on the mesh, and the large bearing is also hung up with a hook.

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