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Noise-reducing sealing technology for bearings

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1.Noise reduction technology.
Bearing noise is an important source of environmental pollution, but also the bearing industry needs to control the important indicators, especially for home appliances, office machinery, instrumentation with bearing noise limits more prominent. In the past decade or so, China's bearing industry has done a lot of work in reducing bearing noise, so that the level of bearing noise reduction has been greatly improved, but compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap, the user reflects the prominent "sound" problem, that is, the bearing operation of an irregular burst of sound, or even screaming. Bearing noise influence factors are many and complex, need from the overall design of the bearing, each part of the bearing - inner ring, outer ring, cage, rolling body and lubricating oil (grease) to analyze and study, also need from the bearing each part of the material used, processing process and even engineering equipment, process materials and other aspects to analyze and study. Research. This is the basic content of the bearing noise technology involved.
2.Sealing technology
The newly developed rolling bearings are installed with corresponding sealing devices on both ends. Its role on the one hand is to protect the bearing internal grease (oil) in use will not be lost, to ensure that the bearing in a lubricated state; on the other hand is to protect the bearing, so that the outside dust or harmful gases will not enter the bearing cavity, so as not to cause damage to the bearing. Commonly there are rubber or engineering plastic seals, there are also steel plate punching seal (or dust cover). There are various sealing structures, and the sealing effect is not the same. There is a gap between the seal and the bearing, called non-contact sealing, the smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect, but allows the shaft speed area is smaller; no gap between the seal and the bearing, called contact sealing, the larger the contact area of the seal contact lip, the better the sealing effect, but allows the shaft speed is smaller. The sealing technology is mainly to research and develop the corresponding sealing device applied to different working conditions, as well as the co-integration of this seal material with the corresponding grease, etc.

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