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Operation process of rust prevention treatment for metal mac

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1. Sealing rust prevention
The period of rust prevention of mechanical equipment varies according to the difference of ambient temperature, humidity and corrosive ingredients. According to the situation of warehousing, delivery and operation of our mechanical equipment, the mechanical equipment is packed into boxes after oiling for 1-2 years or more.
2. Introduction of antirust agent.
PSA-008 sequestering type rust inhibitor is used for rust prevention treatment of machinery and equipment. The rust inhibitor has thin, uniform and transparent oil film and strong anti-rust performance, which is suitable for long-term oil sealing of various metals such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, galvanized and cadmium-plated and their combined parts; the oil has good fluidity and moderate viscosity, and can be sealed by spraying, dipping and brushing, etc. It is more convenient to use for components of complex structures, and is environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment and human body.
3. Process flow
Machinery and equipment assembly No. 6 hydraulic oil test run Painting PSA-008 rust inhibitor Packaging into boxes.
4. Operation procedures.
1) Clean the dirt and processing oil on the surface of the rust-free parts and dry the surface of the workpiece thoroughly.
2) Assemble into mechanical equipment according to regulations; test run with No. 6 hydraulic oil.
3) Add PSA-008 antirust agent to a suitable container according to the specified amount.
4) Brush or paint the surface of mechanical equipment directly with anti-rust oil 2 times for oil sealing.
5) Pack the rust-proof treated machinery and equipment into boxes and stock them.

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