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Types of common greases

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1. Calcium-based grease
This is the grease that is commonly known as grease. It is the most widely used grease in the automotive repair industry. This grease is the technology of the 1930s. It is a product that has been eliminated in developed countries. It is still widely used in the automotive repair industry due to its low price. It is strongly recommended not to use these products anymore. At least do not use it in your own car.
2. Graphite calcium-based grease
Usually black, this is due to the addition of a certain proportion of scale graphite in the grease, which has good water resistance and crushability. It is especially suitable for the lubrication of the rear steel plate of the car. The test proves that the life of the car steel plate spring lubricated by graphite calcium grease is more than double that of ordinary grease lubrication. It is suggested that the car users should not use ordinary grease to lubricate the rear wheel steel plate.
3. Automotive general lithium grease
This is a kind of grease commonly used in modern automobile industry. It has the characteristics of long life, good water resistance and good lubrication effect. It is the replacement of ordinary grease. It can be used for most of the lubrication of automobiles. Its service life is twice as long as that of calcium grease.
4. Extreme pressure compound lithium grease
This is a kind of grease with higher extreme pressure and anti-wear property than general lithium grease. It is important to note that grease has the same grade as lubricant to suit different ambient temperature and usage conditions. Generally speaking, the larger the number, the more viscous it is. Usually 2# can be used throughout the year in the south and 1# in the winter in the north. 3# is only suitable for tropical heavy-duty vehicles. Of course, strictly speaking, the choice of grease is also influenced and restricted by other factors.

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