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Bearing running noise and overheating precautions

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1.Bearing running noise and overheating precautions
When the bearing has a good radial load, but the grease function is poor, the noise of "click, click" will be heard in the early stage of operation. This is because the rolling elements suddenly accelerate and collide with the cage after they leave the load zone. And the noise emitted, this impact sound will dissipate after running for a period of time.

2.The measures to prevent cage noise are as follows:
a. In order to stabilize the revolving action of the cage, the bearing should be guided by the ring and pay attention to the sufficient lubrication of the guide surface, and improve the structure of the tapered roller bearing under high-speed conditions.
b. When the bearing is twisted at high speed, the vibration amplitude of the cage of the bearing with large pocket clearance is much larger than that of the cage with small pocket clearance, so the value of the pocket clearance is particularly tight.
c. Pay attention to reduce the radial clearance.
The installation method of the bearing: Because the bearing is a high-precision product, it is very easy to damage the taper roller bearing channel if it is not installed properly, resulting in bearing damage. The bearing should have a special mold when it is installed, and it cannot be beaten at will. When pressing into the shaft, only a small circle can be stressed, and when a large circle is pressed, only a large circle can be stressed.

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