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Harmonic reducer bearing-SHG(SHF)

Harmon i creducer is mainly composed of harmonic generator, flexspline, rigid spline, and also rigid bearin (Crossed 14)11er bearing) and flexible bearing(hin sectioii deep groove ball bearing) Flexible bearings inner hole match with oal sh...
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    Harmonic reducer is mainly composed of harmonic generator, flexspline, rigid spline, and also rigid bearing (Crossed roller bearing) and flexible bearing(thin section deep groove ball bearing)
    Flexible bearing's inner hole match with oval shaped cam outer ring; Outer ring which can do elastic-deformatidn to match with flexspline's opening part inner ring. Flexspline's opening part outer ring engraved gear engaged with rigid spline teeth. Rigid spline teeth are more than flexspline. Flexspline and rigid spline engaged with each other on long shaft and separated on short shaft. Flexspline bottom is fixed on the output terminal. Rigid bearing is installed on the reducer output terminal and connected with outside.
    Harmonic reducer is usually applied on robots, machine tool, and aerospace industries which have high requiremets on harmonic reducer precision, rigidity, and load capacity. So it has high requirements to harmonic reducer parts machining precision and mountng precision and also to bearings. For rigid bearing, the most important are the bearing rigidity, reliability, and rotation precision. Rigid bearing usually has some preload before leaving the factory in order to guarantee bearing has enough rigidity. The maximum radial deformation is very important to flexible bearing.
    Inner and outer ring integrated
Inner and outer ring integrated. Installation almost has no influence to bearing performance. Bearing has reliable rotation precision and torque. This kind of bearing is mainly applied on SHG(SHF) Series reducer output part.


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