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Crossed roller bearings

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With the rapid development and maturity of domestic high-precision processing equipment, more and more high-precision CNC processing equipment such as CNC indexing discs, vertical machining centers, vertical lathes, and grinding machines have abandoned traditional designs and adopted better crossovers. roller bearings. It has the characteristics of high rotation accuracy and speed, large bearing capacity, small size, strong rigidity, etc. It has a wide range of uses and incomparable advantages of other bearings.

HRBH bearings


HRBH type (the inner and outer rings do not have mounting holes as a whole), since the outer ring and the inner ring have no mounting holes, flanges and support seats are required for installation. In addition, since the outer ring and inner ring are integral structures, installation has no effect on performance, so stable rotation accuracy and torque can be obtained. It is suitable for occasions where the outer ring and inner ring rotate but require miniaturization.

HRU bearings

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HRU type (integrated inner and outer rings, with mounting holes), since the outer ring and inner ring have mounting holes, no solid flange and support seat are required for installation. In addition, since the outer ring and the inner ring are integral structures, the installation has almost no influence on the performance, so stable rotation accuracy and torque can be obtained, and it is suitable for the occasion where the outer ring and the inner ring rotate. (If you need relevant technical information of cross series bearings, please contact our staff)

HRW bearings


The inner ring and outer ring of the HRW bearing adopt an integrated structure design. Since the rolling surface is double-rowed and small-diameter rollers are used, the number of rollers is about 5 times that of the traditional cross-roller collar RU type* (RW228 type ). Torque has been reduced while maintaining compactness and increasing rigidity and precision. Since the size and number of bolt holes for mounting are optimally designed, the deformation of the rolling surface caused by mounting can be reduced, resulting in stable rotation performance.

XR bearings

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Crossed tapered roller bearings consist of two rows of bearing raceways and rollers perpendicular to each other. The rollers are alternately arranged on the raceway, and the assembly height of the bearing is slightly higher than that of the single row tapered roller bearing. In addition, the inclination angle of the bearing raceway and the geometry of the tapered rollers protect the bearing, and there will be no stress concentration problems during use. Finally, the effective span of a crossed tapered roller bearing is many times larger than the bearing width.

HRAU bearings

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Due to the miniaturization of the external dimensions, and the bearing has high rigidity, rotation accuracy and composite load capacity, it is most used in the joint or rotating part of industrial robots, the rotating table of the machining center, the rotating part of the manipulator, Applications in precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments, etc.

Our company supports non-standard customized design and processing of various types of high-precision bearings within the range of inner diameter 20mm to outer diameter 2300mm, and cooperates with many colleges and universities, machine tool companies, mechanical research institutes, and scientific research institutions throughout the year to carry out joint major equipment Development, assisting customers in sample and mass production. Any bearing needs, pls contact Lucy via

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