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Rotary Table Bearing

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Rotary table is one of the most important part of machine tools, its design is also very important. As the key part which undertake work-piece, its rotary accuracy, rigidity and composite carrying capacity will affect the processing performance of machine tools directly. So bearing selection plays an important role for the machine tools.Thetraditional rotary table use two groups or more radial/thrust bearings to combine totake radial load, axial load and tilting moment at the same time, though this solution ismatured, the disadvantage is that the rotary table structure is very complicated, andthe bearings are not easy to mount and maintain.


HRTG high precision rotary table bearing series break through the traditionalbearing selection and layout. One bearing can meet the requirement of compositeload,can simplifies the rotary table's structure,reduces the cost of designing,mounting and maintain.The bearing compose of one group of rollers in radialdirection, two groups of thrust-rollers in axial direction, and the cage.That makesthe structure compact, save much space for the rotary table,the mounting holesmake the mounting very easy, the bearing also can be assembled with preloadbefore leaving factory, so the bearings need not to be adjusted the clearance afterthat. The bearings have high rigidity and high rotary accuracy, both inner ring andouter ring have oil holes, which is very convenient for greasing regularly.The rotaryaccuracy of HRTG bearings can reach to 1um, which is much more sophisticatedthan that of common bearings.


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