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Electric spindle bearing light noise lubrication maintenance knowledge

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The raceway sound of the electric spindle bearing is a continuous sound made by the rolling elements rolling on the raceway surface when it is running. Generally speaking, it is a unique sound that occurs in all electric spindle bearings. The general bearing sound is the raceway sound plus other sounds. The sound of the raceway of the ball bearing is irregular, and the frequency is above 1000Hz. Its main frequency does not change with the speed, but its total sound pressure level increases with the speed of the speed. For bearings with loud raceway noise, the sound pressure level of the raceway noise decreases with the increase of viscosity; while for bearings with low raceway noise, the sound pressure level increases when the viscosity increases to above 20mm2/s.

The methods to control the sound of the raceway are: select low-noise electric spindle bearings, that is, bearings with small waviness, and carefully select the use conditions. The noise of the raceway often affects the noise of the whole machine, and reducing the noise of the raceway can reduce the noise of the whole machine.

During the rotation of the electric spindle bearing, due to frictional resistance, the bearing is continuously worn and fails. The resistance to the rotation of the electric spindle bearing is composed of rolling friction, sliding friction and lubricant friction. Rolling friction occurs when the rolling elements roll on the bearing raceway; sliding friction occurs on the guide surface of the rolling elements in the cage, the rib guide surface of the cage, and the roller end face and ring rib in the roller bearing; lubrication Lubricant friction consists of the internal friction of the lubricant at the point of contact and the agitation and extrusion of the lubricant. Therefore, the resistance against the movement of the bearing is the sum of the above three frictions. The purpose of lubrication is to avoid direct contact between raceways, rolling elements, and cage metals through grease and its lubrication method, reduce frictional heat, minimize frictional resistance, thereby reducing wear, preventing corrosion, and prolonging life.


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