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How to check the deterioration of bearing grease

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During the use of bearings, grease is very critical. If deteriorated grease is used, it will definitely damage the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect the grease, and the inspection methods are as follows:

1.Twist the lubricating oil between the thumb and forefinger and grind it repeatedly. The better lubricating oil feels lubricating, less wear debris and no friction. If you feel a large friction feeling such as sand between the fingers, it means that the lubricating oil There are many impurities in it, so it can no longer be used, and new lubricating oil should be replaced.

2.Take a piece of clean white filter paper, and put a few drops of oil on the filter test paper. After the lubricating oil leaks, if there is black powder on the surface, and if you touch it with your hands, it will feel astringent, which means that there are many impurities in the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil has no powder, feels dry and smooth to the touch, and has yellow traces.

3.Take two measuring cups, one of which contains the lubricating oil to be checked, and the other is empty on the table, lift the measuring cup full of lubricating oil 30-40 cm away from the table and tilt it, so that the lubricating oil slowly flows into the empty cup In the middle, observe its flow situation, the oil flow of good quality lubricating oil should be slender, uniform, and continuous. If the oil flow is fast and slow, sometimes there are large pieces flowing down, it means that the lubricating oil has deteriorated.

On a sunny day, use a screwdriver to lift the grease up at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal. Contrast the sunlight and observe the oil droplets. Under the light, it can be clearly seen that there is no wear debris in the lubricating oil, which is good and can continue to work. If there are too many wear debris, the lubricating oil should be replaced.

Regular inspection of the grease of the bearing through the above methods can ensure the normal operation of the bearing.

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