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How to install the bearing

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When using precision rolling bearings, in order to obtain the highest speed and low temperature rise, the installation of the bearings is very important.

When installing bearings, there are cleaning, drying, (grease packing) trial operation, etc., and the operations should be carried out on the basis of observing the precautions.

In addition, since the inside of the sealed bearing is sealed with grease, it must not be cleaned and dried, and the external anti-rust oil should be wiped clean with a clean rag before assembly.

Step 1: Clean the bearing and remove the anti-rust oil. After soaking in highly volatile solvents such as refined kerosene and naphthol (Naphthesol) and washing by hand, use gasoline, ethanol, etc. to remove refined kerosene, etc. When blowing off the cleaning oil with an air gun, pay attention to the cleanliness of the air. When the oil-air lubrication method is used, it can be used directly, but it is recommended to apply or soak in lubricating oil or low-viscosity oil after cleaning.

Step 2: Dry the bearings with no moisture residue. When using grease lubrication, it is necessary to dry the bearing sufficiently to prevent the grease from flowing out. Also, grease should be sealed immediately after drying. It can be dried in warm air (attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the air), or it can be dried in a constant temperature bath.

Step 3: Encapsulate the grease. After sealing, turn the rolling part by hand so that the grease is fully coated.

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