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Bearing knowledge

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Bearings generally consist of inner rings, outer rings, rolling elements and cages. For sealed bearings, add lubricant and seals (or shields). This is what a bearing is all about.

According to the working conditions of the bearings, different types of bearings are selected to better play the function of the bearings and prolong the service life of the bearings. We choose bearings to consider the following factors:

  1. radial load 

  2. axial load

  3. speed

  4. Radial runout

  5. Axial runout

  6. Operating temperature

  7. Noise requirements

  8. Lubrication condition

The bearing model generally has a pre-code, a basic code and a post-code. In general, the bearing model is only indicated by the basic model. The basic model generally consists of three parts, type code, size code and inner diameter code. The post code is to use letters and numbers to indicate the structure, tolerance and special requirements of materials of the bearing. The prefix code is used to indicate the sub-components of the bearing, expressed in letters.

The market requirements for various mechanical devices and instruments using rolling bearings are becoming more and more strict, and the conditions and performance required for bearings are also becoming more and more diverse.

When selecting a bearing, generally, the bearing arrangement, the ease of installation and disassembly, the space allowed by the bearing, the size of the bearing, and the marketability of the bearing are generally considered to roughly determine the bearing structure.

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