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Bearing structure production process

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The bearing structure mainly consists of bearing inner and outer rings, steel balls (bearing rollers) and cages. What is their production process? The following is the relevant information.

Bearing production process flow:

Bearing raw materials - inner ring, steel ball or roller processing, outer ring processing, cage (stamping or solid) processing - bearing assembly - finished bearings

Bearing inner and outer ring process flow:

Bar material - blanking - forging - spheroidizing annealing - turning - heat treatment - grinding - super finishing - final inspection of parts - rust prevention and storage.

Steel ball processing process:

Cold punching of bars or wires (some bars need to be punched and annealed after cold punching) - Frustration, soft grinding or light ball - Heat treatment - Hard grinding - Fine grinding - Fine grinding or grinding - Final inspection grouping - rust prevention, rough grinding, packaging - storage (to be assembled).

Roller processing process:

After bar turning or wire cold heading, ring belt stringing and soft grinding - heat treatment - soft spot stringing - rough grinding outer diameter - rough grinding end face - final grinding end face - fine grinding outer diameter - final grinding outer diameter ——Final inspection grouping-rust prevention, packaging-warehousing (to be assembled).

Cage processing process:

Cast copper parts - inner diameter, end face, chamfering - drilling (or drawing, boring) - deburring -

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